"you can run a bank into the ground and still walk away with $400 billion.  hooray, america!" - alex trebec 

yet another reason to love jeopardy...


breaking radio silence

my mother calls me today: "i saw a girl in the lobby with a purple sweater, and it looked so nice with her red hair. do you have a purple sweater?"
me: "no, mom, but i have purple hair..."

in other news, I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE ELECTION TO BE OVER! the end of the week should bring an end to the political commercials! SO EXCITING! swing states are no fun.


oops, i accidentally added someone i don't actually know as a facebook friend.  i hate it when that happens.  awkward...


so many questions

the dog has seriously been staring at me for four or five hours today.  i do not know what she wants.  i am not any more funny-looking than normal.  what's the deal?!

in other news, how on earth do i keep collecting these charlie brown boys?  the newest one at least does not require me to be lucy, which is refreshing, but for the love of cheese.  seriously, what's wrong with me?

oops, the dog had drifted off to sleep, but my poor rendition of a willie nelson song woke her.  but that is totally NOT what has caused the previous staring.

(p.s. it may be impossible for me to create either a post or any sort of status message without using at least one of the following: caps, italics, question marks, exclamation points.  this probably means that i'm a horrible writer).


near heartattack of the day

i am alone in the grad lab, listening to my ipod and working on my production homework. all of a sudden, there is some woman whispering in my left ear. no one has entered the lab. i about died of fright before realizing that it was just a "cool" stereo sound trick in this particular song (which, by the way, includes the line "anyone who fucks with me i'll assassinate," so it may well be a message from the devil as joi suggested). holy WOW. life is a scary place, you know?


i'm not salaried, so my life doesn't really work that way

why do i feel like simply being on the computer is so close to doing work that i don't actually have to work?


things that make you go "eeeeeew!"

my job currently involves becoming intimate with the 2008 farm bill. accordingly, i am reading about the new country of origin labeling program (also known as cool, because the government is awesome). the list of retail labeling options includes categories like "product of the u.s.," which means the critter was born, raised, and slaughtered in the u.s. and then i read this:

"for ground meat, the label must include all countries of origin that may be reasonably contained in that package."